Friday, February 1, 2013

Blog Problems and a Summary Activity

So as you may have noticed my blog has not been going so well.  I have lots of cute stuff going on in my classroom but haven't been able to share it.

Problem 1: I keep forgetting my password

Problem 2:  I NEED AN I PHONE!!!
 I have an old phone that takes bad pictures and no digital camera.  The pictures I take for my blog always turn out weird and blurry.

Problem 3:  I'm not sure I wan to blog about just teaching anymore.
I started this blog as a creative outlet.  I found that I wish I could write about more than just teaching.  By that I mean you know those real stories about what happens in the classroom?  Things I'm doing around the house (got some cool projects going there by the way to get ready for the baby).  Annoying family members.  Maybe I need to start a personal blog.

Problem 4:  I'm so tired.
I have a student teacher this semester (thats how you are getting to read this fabulous post as she is in charge right now) but at night I have this little creature moving all around, I can't sleep, and I'm trying to get ahead in my plans for my maternity leave.

Problem 5: I havent really put as much into my blog as I could.  I don't use google docs to input things. I need to start sharing more.

So while I am figure out what to do (give advice please)  here is a cute activity I threw together for my 2nd graders who were bored and tired of doing testing and writing.

Our Cute Summary Cats!!

By the end of 2nd grade it is the expectation in our school that students be able to provide written summaries for all their District wide comprehension tests and on the DRA2 reading assessment.  We start this skill in 2nd grade but sequencing events. and getting more detailed as the year goes on.

This week we were reading the story

First we talked about transition words in a summary.  That is what is written on the front of the index cards.  Then inside the cards we wrote an event to go with it.  I cut some construction paper for the cat bodies and we glued on the index cards.

Then I found this cute template (I was to lazy to make my own this time)
I just used the face, arms, and legs.

As soon as I take pictures I will post about our Sailboat summaries and you will be able to download my first template!!!!

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