Saturday, June 2, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

First of all, can I say AHHHHHH!  We have 2 weeks left with kids.  This week I had a social studies test, zoo field trip, talent show, and it was only a 4 day week.  Next week is field day, 2 day reading test, and writing protocol.  On top of all the projects that are all coming in for writing and reading.  We are FINALLY having a house warming party TODAY!  I'm exhausted.  I also found out I will be teaching the title one class next year after 4 years of having high achieving kids.

Also, I'm starting to get sad that my 3rd graders, whom I've had for 2 years, will be leaving me soon.  I love them.  For example:

Student 1 turns to his best friend today who is standing at my desk to ask me if he can re-read his book for his portfolio project and says "Did you just ask her if you are allowed to read a book?  Again?  What classroom are YOU in?"

Then student 1 turns to me and says "this kid has problems"

These are the same boys who complain that they want to clean during their fun friday reward.....ummm is that ok?  YES!!!  Now I have a nicely organized book shelf :)

See!  They are AWESOME kids!  Despite the fact that they never can seem to sit still.

I will be back tomorrow with a post on our AWESOME cause and effect project that the kids did a few weeks ago to get ready for their end of the year reading test.  We are very data driven and ALL my data showed they clearly did not understand this.

Cross your fingers that I have enough food for today :)

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