Sunday, August 5, 2012

August Currently/ it really August!?!?


In honor of summer coming to a close I liked up with Farley for her August Currently.  I also did this to avoid doing any of the actual real work that needs to get cleaning the stairs that are covered in dust and dog hair or typing up spelling lists.

SO I actually have been doing work.  I went into our classroom last week because the floors were done.  I pretty much have all the big furniture where I want it (now I just need to put the kids tables into place.  This is harder than is seems because our school enrollment is off the charts this year and I'm most likely going to have 35 students, or my partner it, either way I have to get the room set for that many.

Also, check out Amy's give away over at Step Into Second Grade!  She also has a freebie!  She is my favorite!!

Hopefully I will have pictures of my classroom for you tomorrow!!


  1. I used this currently to avoid work I have to do too! Plus Amy is one of my favorite's too!

  2. I love doing the "currentlys"! I can't wait to get into my classroom and start setting up. Wow, 35 students?? Go you!!

    I'm a new follower =)

    The Resource Room Teacher