Tuesday, August 14, 2012


So the kids don't come back till September 4th but next Wednesday is the first day for teachers.  Out of that week and a half only 3 days are classroom days and half of one of those 3 days is meet the teacher day!!  So since I will only have 2 and a half days and that is not enough time I have been going in since the first week of August when the carpet was done.

Between all my projects, cheer camp, and the lovely husband being out of town on business things have been crazy.  Lets just say my darling Bugsy Bear is missing his Dad and being stubborn.   Did I mention I forgot my gmail password and couldn't figure out how to get photos from my phone to my computer without using Facebook....so if your wondering where I've been thats it in a nutshell.

When I walked in a few weeks ago this is what my room looked like:
From the door (a little blurry)

From my partners side...do you see something exciting?

MY NEW DESK!!! IT LOCKS and everything!!! I'm so excited

My partners side, where most of my furniture was

Lucky for me our awesome custodian was bored and moved everything for me but you don't get to see until its all done.

While I was there I started one of my projects painting some ugly white shelves that I've had FOREVER, they are actually from my bedroom growing up.

I bought some of this magnetic primer to go under green spray paint.  My thought was I could uses these shelves to hold center supplies and buddy reading books.  I wanted them magnetic so I could let the kids make words on the sides or magnet labels on them.
Shelves before I painted them there were 4 this size
This is what it looked like after 1 coat.

I'm anxious to get it and see how well the shelves actually attract magnets but they were waxing the hallways today so you will have to wait!!
SO after I drove back home from finding out he hallways were being waxed I decided to work on my next project.  I saw discovery bottles on Pinterest...I can't find the original post for the life of me so if you know it please let me know so I can give credit.

I typed up and color coded all the sight word lists.  Sine I have low kids they need LOTS of practice.  I make them their own personal lists of words they don't know for their folders, then when  they get caught not working I call them over to read them to me and any they don't know they have to write 10 times each...guess how fast my ADHD boys learn them. lol.  But I wanted a fun way to practice that they would ask to do.

FIrst I died the rice.  I previously tried pom poms but the words stuck to them.  I also tried beads but they were too noisy.  

I only have 3 jars done.  I only had 3 colors of dye so I need to get more.  My plan is to label each jar with how many words are in each.  The kids will be challenged to find all the words in each jar.  WHen they do, and write them down, they will have to read them to me.  Once they have done that they will get that color next to their name on the sight word master list.   I'm thinking of some kind of reward for finding and reading the words in each jar.

I will post more pictures when everything is done.

What back to school projects are you working on?

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