Monday, July 16, 2012

Student Data Organization/Motivation

I am so unmotivated to do any school work this summer.  I know myself. I know that if I don't start doing something soon then I am going to wait until August and it's never going to get done.

On my summer to do list is recreating the student data sheets that I use to track my students reading data.  Our school is VERY data driven.  They give us data tracking sheets but frankly I don't like them and I got permission to make my own, as long as they had all the same information on them.

Having detailed data is important because in our school because we team teach.  My partner and I each have a full class of our own which is either 2nd or 3rd grade.  This coming school year he will have 3rd and I will have 2nd.  Our 2nd graders will loop with us and most of our 3rd graders we had last year.  I teach writing to my homeroom along with all the reading to both sides.  Last year I also taught social studies but I'm trying to convince my partner to let me teach science this year my partner and I are still trying to decide who is going to do science or social studies for next year.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to keep up with 60 kids.  Also, I don't get to conference with the parents of my teaching partners homeroom and he needs to be able to tell the parents where their kids are at.  Sound confusing?

So I created my reading bible.  I have one for my 2nd graders and one for 3rd.

This is the 2nd grade one, nice and thick, this picture is at the end of the year.  Each student has their own section.

Each Quarter they get a new sheet.  The weak areas are determined by the questions they get wrong on their reading comprehension tests, EdVision, and DRA2 assessments.

I'm thinking about making one data sheet with all their test scores on it and one Week area and target skill sheet for the whole year.  This way all the information is on one sheet and maybe my binder will be a little bit thinner.  I will post these when I get them done.  If you have input PLEASE GIVE IT!!!!

(**side note: my partner says he loves these sheet because he knows exactly what to say to the parents at conferences and if they have questions everything is right there)

Behind each data sheet is the students individual testing data sheets for each quarter so if parents don't understand or I forget why I listed something as a weak area I can tell them easily.  This is also very helpful in making R.T.I suggestions and reading focus groups.
Words Their Way Inventory (this helps me make my spelling groups)

EdVision and Grade Level Data

DOLCH Words Inventory
(each student gets a personal sight word list to work on at Word Work and it is also sent home for studying based off of this list)

What do you do to keep track of data in your room?  I'm open to helpful suggestions before I make my new data sheets!

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